Wellness Manager Monthly

Ready-to-use when you are.

Turnkey wellness resources and activities to boost your program. All resources can be shared with employees/members to promote and support the monthly theme. Each month addresses a new topic area. Distribute digitally, printed or both.

Less work for you

We’ve bundled the best wellness resources into a monthly theme that’s packaged and ready to share with your employees/members

Make A Statement

Wellness Manager’s creative content is ready for you to post online, show live on your CCTV, or print and post in your break rooms and offices


Share resources to increase engagement, boost your program, and learn more about what makes your population tick

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"We LOVE the Wellness Manager Monthly. Back when we had employees in the office we downloaded the monthly powerpoint and cycled it through the TV's on each floor. Our employees looked forward to each month's topic. It helps us a lot to have the material all in one place and you put good quality materials together, Thank you!"
Grange Insurance
Michigan, USA
"The Wellness Manager Monthly has been a great resource for me to share with my fellow co-workers. I think the newsletter and handouts all have really good information on them, they are easy to read and follow along. They go with the theme very well and make it easy to find key points that I can share with the company. I also enjoy the Fuel up with Fruit section. I think it's very fun! "
Soils & Structures
Muskegon, MI
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