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 The American Institute for Preventive Medicine (AIPM) has been advancing the field of wellness for over 36 years. Since 1983 we’ve been partnering with organizations to improve the well-being of their population and the culture that supports them. Our expertise in motivating behavior change, reducing health care costs, and promoting healthy lifestyles has helped over 13,000 corporations, hospitals, unions, and government agencies achieve their health objectives. Our mission is to promote positive health behaviors by developing and distributing effective self-care and wellness programs, publications, and products. We provide a variety of benefits in different settings:

For Health OrganizationsFor Corporations & UnionsFor Families
To prevent illness & promote healthTo prevent illness & promote healthTo prevent illness & promote health
To increase visibility in the communityTo reduce absenteeismTo take control of their well being
To reduce health care costsTo reduce health insurance costsTo reduce medical costs
To attract patients & keep present onesTo increase productivityTo increase longevity


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Farmington Hills, MI 48334, United States

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email: support@healthylife.com

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